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About Us
Hello and thanks for visiting our website.
 Bill and I have been in this business for about 12 yrs, the last 3 of which we have seen how powerful internet marketing is.
 Over the years the biggest issue we faced and I think it's safe to say the majority of internet marketers face is having a list to market their products and services to.
 So, to ease the pain of building a list with your resources, you can use ours, using our state of the art list builder.
 Downline Builder Direct is here for any online marketer with limited resources, or maybe you just need more advertising channels or the power to market to another huge list that earns thousands every time you send out an email.
 So what ever your background is, Downline Builder Direct will help you greatly with your marketing needs.
 We hope you enjoy our service and be sure to use it wisely.  Don't forget to tell all your Friends about this great service.
 You can also find us at List Building Maximizer , Reactive Adz and at our official company blog at Incbizz to stay informed about our future projects.
 Again, thanks for visiting and if you have any questions just ask using our contact info below.

Best Regards,
Mike Murphy & Bill Portnova, LLC
7151 Deerwood Rd
Roanoke, VA, 24019
Office: 540-387-4105

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